Developer and Entrepreneur

I am a student studying Computer Science and Entrepreneurship/Innovation at University of California, San Diego, graduating in June 2022. I've always been in love with technology and interested in coding & finding solutions improve the world.

Work Experience

My main specializations & interests include full-stack, backend, mobile, systems, and product engineering.

  • Hatch
    • Incoming SWE Intern (Summer 2021)
  • Microsoft (Cloud & AI)
    • Incoming SWE Intern (Spring 2021)
    • Software Engineer Intern (Summer 2020)
  • Tesla (Mobile Robot Engineering)
    • Software Engineer Intern (Winter 2021)
  • Google (Chrome Admin Enterprise)
    • Software Engineer (Practicum) Intern (Summer 2019)


Here are some things I've worked on:


Feel free to reach out to me regarding any opportunities or questions you may have!